Clinic Volunteers

Operation Catnip is run entirely by dedicated volunteers. Licensed veterinarians perform all spays and neuters while vet technicians, vet students and trained lay people provide technical and administrative support. No experience is necessary -- we are happy to provide any necessary training.

Operation Catnip is always looking for volunteers to staff its clinics, perform administrative tasks or assist with publicity and fundraising projects.

Our volunteers fall into three categories: Rabies Vaccinated, Elevated non-vaccinated, and Non-rabies Vaccinated

Rabies vaccinated volunteers have direct contact with the cats outside of their traps. Rabies vaccinated volunteers do make up the majority of our clinics as there are many stations that require the cat to be outside the trap.

Elevated non-vaccinated volunteers are in positions that do require direct contact with cats. However, these individuals either already work in the veterinary field or have shown themselves to be exceedingly responsible during clinic operations.

Non-vaccinated volunteers have indirect contact with the cats. While the clinic consists mostly of vaccinated volunteers, our non-vaccinated volunteers serve very important functions in clinic as well.

All new volunteers* must fill out an application and attend a training session in order to volunteer at one of our clinics. Training sessions are held the Saturday before clinic. See calendar on Home page

*Veterinarians do not need to attend a training session, but will need to fill out an application.

Events/Transport Volunteers

If you would like to learn how to trap and help someone that may not be able to or you would like to help us at events, please contact outreach@ocraleigh.org