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Love your community cats---TNVR

Community cats are everywhere.  They comprise feral cats that have developed a natural fear of humans, stray cats that have been abandoned and free-roaming cats that may or may not be friendly.

Operation Catnip is committed to reducing the population of community cats through TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return).  We hold a monthly no fee clinic to spay/neuter up to 100 cats in a single day.  No fee doesn't mean free however.  It costs us approximately $31 per cat and we rely on donations as we do not receive any government funding.  We are proud that our Administrative and Fundraising costs average 0.03% of our income for 2021.

Through TNVR we can greatly reduce the numbers of unwanted feral and stray cats which lowers the intake and euthanasia rates at animal shelters.  This saves tax dollars and leaves more space at animal shelters for adoptable cats.  TNVR also addresses the public health concern regarding rabies and reduces annoying behaviors such as cat fights and spraying.

What is TNVR?

A good summary of TNVR or Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return is a program where the community cats are trapped in humane traps (see Traps page for full description) and taken to a clinic or vet practice where they are fixed, ear tipped and given their FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations.  Caretakers pick up the cats the same day and hold them overnight to release the following day back to their colony.