About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to reduce the population of community cats through a monthly spay/neuter clinic and voucher program.  We strongly believe that every life matters and to that end, TNVR is the most humane method of controlling community cat populations.  All Clinic Graduates are sterilized, ear cropped and vaccinated for both the sake of the cat and public health.  We believe that education is an important part of any program and we encourage our communities to learn about the plight and the triumphs of community cats in their backyard.

General Information

We wish that we could help all cats in need. However, we must focus our very limited resources on our mission, which is community cat spay and neuter. We are an all-volunteer spay and neuter organization that has been serving the greater Raleigh NC area since before 1997.

We advocate TNVR as the only humane and effective method of controlling the free-roaming (outdoor), unowned cat population. We do not advocate relocation (refer to the vacuum effect from Alley Cats and Allies) and we know killing is cruel and ineffective.

We are not a wellness clinic, adoption group or relocation service. If you have found friendly cats or kittens you are unable to keep please contact your local rescue organizations. Refer to our Resources tab for a list of rescue organizations and spay-neuter resources for owned cats or cats you have taken indoors with the intent to adopt yourself or to another person. We can only perform surgery on unowned, community cats.

Please remember we are an all-volunteer organization and we will do our best to return your contact as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours.

In the meantime, please consider using our online clinic registration form, revaccination request form, voucher request form, or trap request form.

Board of Directors

President:  Angela Riedel

Treasurer:  April Norment

Secretary:  Rena Pappas

Medical Director: Colleen Wallace, DVM

Clinic and Volunteer Director:  Linda Chadwick, RVT

Logistics Director:  Dwight Briggs

Voucher and Outreach Director: April Norment

Fundraising Director:  Erin Meyer

Education Director:  Manqian Zhao