Monthly Clinic

Operation Catnip clinics are run entirely by volunteers (veterinarians, vet technicians, and trained lay people) and are capable of sterilizing dozens of cats in a matter of hours. All cats have the tip of their left ear cropped which identifies them as sterilized. 

Operation Catnip receives no government funding whatsoever and relies solely on donations and grants (if available) to fund our program. Each monthly clinic costs Operation Catnip over $2,000 for clinic supplies (such as syringes, gloves, alcohol, and surgical blades) and needed pharmaceuticals

Voucher Program

In addition to the monthly clinic, vouchers can help you get those hard to catch and trap savvy cats at a time that is convenient for you.  We currently have 20 participating vet clinics in Franklin, Wake, Johnston and Wilson counties.  

Vouchers are $60 per cat and include surgery, ear crop, rabies and distemper vaccines and pain medication.  Pain medication to go home with you will be at your expense.  Vouchers do expire after 3 months.  Vouchers can be transferred to another person or extended past the expiration date if you contact the Voucher Director.

There is also a way for you to donate vouchers for those that are unable to afford them, such as those on a fixed income.

There is an application process for free or subsidized vouchers that can be found on our Voucher page.  Income requirements:  $30,000 per household and below are free.  If your household income falls between $30,001 and $40,000 the charge per voucher is $25.  Anything above $40,001 is subject to the full $50 charge.

What We Do/What We Don't Do

What We Do:

Sterilize community cats
Give routine vaccines at the time of surgery
Permanently crop the left ear to indicate this cat is a community cat
Lend traps for humane trapping and transport (see Traps page)

What We Don't Do:

Sterilize pets or strays which are adopted by the finder
Accept cats or kittens for adoption
Relocate cats
Participate in trapping for the purpose of killing or release to animal shelters
Trap and transport cats for you